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An extraordinary real estate investment opportunity

Thankfully, most people overlook farmland as an investment opportunity.

This is FANTASTIC for those of us who own farms because it means there's less competition yet current yields and long term returns are as competitive as any other real estate asset class.

But with the country's billionaires buying up huge tracts of land and institutions increasingly adding farmland to their portfolios, the industry is about to be disrupted and prices are going to shoot sky high.

Join us as we buy small farms and consolidate this fragmented industry to build wealth for you, preserving capital and earning income from ever increasing demand for our produce along the way.

Beginning stages of an orange grove

A Competitive Advantage Through Economies of Scale


Acres farmed


Boxes of fruit sold annually

$ million

Top-line annual revenue


Average historical investor equity multiple

Our Unique Approach to Investing in Farms

Water is Everything

There is a drought in California but this does not mean the largest food producing state in America, is going to dry up. Bravante is buying farm ranches with abundant, reliable, long term supplies of water. As other areas lose their access to water, our ranches will be in even higher demand, driving up values and returns to our investors.

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Solving an Industry Dislocation

Farmland has historically been valued on a price per acre basis not return on investment (ROI) as is usual for commercial real estate. This is changing as investors flood the industry in the hunt for yield. Bravante's strategy recognizes this dislocation and is capitalizing on the changing nature of the industry.

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Hedge Inflation

As inflation continues to rise to the highest levels seen for nearly two generations, investing in farmland the Bravante way will help  you earn passive income from sales of high profit crops, while building wealth over the long run.

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10 Reasons to Invest

Bravante's unique approach to farmland investing is in our methodical, pragmatic approach based on decades of experience and an institutional investor's perspective of real estate finance that drives our strategy. Discover the how we stand out in the industry and why you should invest with us.

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